Himanshu Pathak


MS Student

Research Topic:

Condensation is one of the essential processes in power-plant operations. It also possesses significant value in the atmospheric water harvesting. Today, as the world is running out of clean and drinkable water atmospheric water, comes out as the unique and facile process to get potable water, which can act as a boon to humanity in this era of water scarcity. It has already been established that the dropwise condensation (DWC) is more efficient than the filmwise mode of condensation (FWC). However, rigid hydrophobic surfaces cause pinning to the condensate drops, which is undesirable in the condensation process. Liquid infused substrates emerged as a great alternative providing enhanced nucleation and mobility of the condensate drops. Liquid infused substrates possess a molecularly smooth layer that facilitates low pinning to the water drops. The image shown below presents condensation on aluminum substrate infused with 500cst Silicon oil.


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